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How do I know if I have a unit that requires attention?
Only certain product is affected. Please reference “Locating Model Number and Date of Manufacture”. Once you have your model and serial information call Rinnai’s Toll free number @ 1-866-746-8344.

Can I continue to use my furnace?
The furnace should be shut off and discontinue use until it is determined if your furnace is involved. Call Rinnai’s toll free number @1-866-746-8344.

Can my furnace be repaired?
Yes, this is a field / in home retrofit of the product.

My heat exchanger has a black / dark grey tint around the burner access door. Does this mean I need a  new heat exchanger?
No, this is normal; however, if your product is part of the program we will have the service provider examine the heat exchanger to ensure it is operating properly.

Who can fix my furnace?
We will arrange for a service provider to install a retrofit kit at our expense.

I have been feeling sick, headaches,.. could this be because of the furnace?
Rinnai doesn’t provide medical advice. Seek the attention of your doctor.

I want this furnace removed from my home.
This is a field / in home retrofit program. Once completed Rinnai is confident your ENERGY SAVER Direct-Vent Furnace will operate as both you and we would expect.

I want a new furnace.
See above response

How long will it take to repair my furnace?
We estimate the retrofit will normally take the technician 30 – 40 minutes.

How do I know the kit solves the problem?
The retrofit kit has been tested and evaluated closely.


Has anyone been injured as a result of this issue?

There have been no reports of serious injury or death related to this issue.


Will Rinnai pay for the kit and labor to rework my furnace?

Yes, the retrofit will be completed at no expense to you.


I just had my furnace installed. Do I have an immediate problem?

Not likely. If your unit falls under this program, we still want to inspect the unit and retrofit the gasket and burner cover plate to ensure your furnace continues to operate properly.


My furnace has a red glowing area on the heat exchanger, do I need to replace it?

It needs to be inspected by a service provider.


How long before I can get the furnace repaired?

Rinnai will contact a local service provider and arrange to send a retrofit kit to them. We will notify you once the kit has been shipped and who will be providing the service.


My unit is not involved but I am still concerned it might have a problem.

You may choose to contact a service provider to arrange for the inspection of your unit if you feel it is necessary. However, because your unit is not part of this program the expense for this inspection would be your responsibility.


I want to repair the unit myself.

The retrofit procedure must be completed by a qualified service provider. Remember, this will be done at no charge to you.





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